Informational DVD's


Arm of the Spiral's "You Can Do It!" informational DVD's will help you learn strawbale building techniques. But most of all, you'll realize that if John and his friends can do it, then you can too! Get inspired to start planning your design now. See how to make the process a fun and rewarding one. Cast aside those doubts that you'll never be able to take on such a project. If you really want to, you can do it!

In Part One, we laid a concrete floor with radiant floor heat and built our walls. Part Two shows how a second floor system and roof were built and how that roof loaded and compressed the straw bale walls. As winter settled in, we finally got our steel on the lid and breathed a sigh of relief that our straw bale walls had a nice hat.



Each video is over one hour long.

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I just finished (watching) the DVDs, and I must say.......I'm going to have to get a case of those Aunt Mabels Beets before we even pour the foundation! Nice Job.

-Apryl, Kilbourne, Ohio



You'll watch regular folks take the steps toward pursuing their dreams. You'll realize that you can do this also! This is not the last word on straw bale construction. There are other resources out there to help you. But "You Can Do It" is a great place to start, because you can see the ins and outs, the ups and downs of the owner/builder experience. Be sure you have "Parts One and Two" in your video library.

Information, inspiration, and entertainment. And we've made them affordable! Only $10.95 each with FREE shipping and handling. Order your copies today and start that learning process.




Unbeetable Tee





At last! Now you can show everyone how you get the energy and fortitude to build your own straw bale home ... or whatever heroic journey you're on right now. Quality, heavy cotton tee-shirt in beet red. All sizes available. Order your Aunt Mabel's Marvelous Pickled Beets tee shirt today. Free shipping!

Click on that rancher to learn the real story about Aunt Mabel.

"These Aunt Mabel shirts ya just can't beet!" --Stan, Templeton CA


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Bale Needle


This is a tool you will absolutely need to retie your straw bales (we demonstrate its use in our DVD). But if you're an owner/builder, there's no need to spend a lot of money on a bale needle. You'll be finished with it early on in your project. I made this one from a steel rod, which I heated and bent on one end to make a handle, and hammered and drilled on the other end, to make a point with an eye. I painted it blaze orange so you can find it in your loose straw.

If you've got a torch, you can make one for yourself. Otherwise, you can buy this one and pass it on to a straw bale owner/builder friend when you're done. It's only $15.95 plus $10.00 shipping and handling in the U.S.

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Straw Bale House Scale Model Kit


"John, I received the straw bale kit. It looks fun and will be educational for me also. Thank you for thinking of this idea."

– Marilyn, Chloride AZ


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John's impromptu Straw Bale house design built to scale (harhar, did you get that one?) Order your kit today! You do not need to have or sign up for a Paypal account. Your major credit card will work just fine.
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New! Build your Straw Bale House ... Today! Straw bale scale model kit. Take your two dimensional plans and make a scale model of your straw bale home. This could be one of the most valuable research tools you'll buy. Many of the principles you apply in building your house to scale will be directly translated when you build your actual home. And it's easier to spot potential problems and design challenges when the home comes together in 3-D.

Included in the kit are more than 200 "straw bales" (1 inch=2 feet), "lumber" for you door and window bucks and roof framing, a hot-glue gun and glue sticks, and a simple DVD of instruction and commentary showing John build the straw bale house pictured, in the comfort of his shop.

You supply a board to fit the scaled dimensions of your house design footprint (1"=2') and basic carpentry tools: tape measure, pencil, tri-square and bevel (angle finder), and a small finish saw.