Please visit these quality sites and begin that learning curve today. What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve. The sooner you start dreaming about the building process (and I mean that literally), the sooner you will be ready to break ground.

The Last Straw The International Quarterly Journal of Straw Bale and Natural Building.

Forum on Physics and Society Physicists weigh in on straw bale construction. A superb article from the American Physical Society confirming why straw bale home construction belongs in our future.

Discover Solar Energy is a comprehensive resource of more than 8,000+ renewable energy links to relevant websites of individuals, governments and organizations. The links are cross-referenced to help you find quick answers to issues relating to alternative energy.

The Masonry Heater Association of North America Masonry heaters store heat. Energy from a short hot fire is stored in the thermal mass and can provide heat all day long. It is by far the cleanest way to burn cordwood.

Shelterpub.com "Homework: Handbuilt Shelter" is the book to own for inspiration and ideas. From funky to fantastic and everything in between.

Handcrafted House gives you a natural alternative for home finishing products, training on how to use them, and provides a resource center for inspiration on “going green.” We bring product availability by carrying American Clay plaster, Mythic Non-Toxic paints, Ecoprocote products, and AFM Safecoat sealers, among other brands. In Durango!

Development Center for Appropriate Technology (DCAT) works to enhance the health of the planet and our communities by promoting a shift to sustainable construction and development through leadership, strategic relationships and education

Straw and Timber Craftsmen is dedicated to building high quality, beautiful and appropriate homes that are healthy for the individual, community and world.

Cob in Cornwall -- Ecologically Conscious Builders in the United Kingdom. Great site.

Coloradostrawbale.org is a growing advocacy group committed to expanding and sharing knowledge, experience and techniques for straw bale and sustainable building. (It also features a photo galleries of some beautiful straw bale homes, including Arm of the Spiral.)

Learn the latest straw bale information at www.strawbale.com

International Straw Bale Registry

An excellent article on the building characteristics of straw bales --Ecobuildingnetwork.org

Greenhomebuilding.com is the most comprehensive site on green and sustainable building practices that we've found on the 'net.

Camelback Construction I love these folks' sense of humor and their dedication to straw bale construction.

Solar Energy International provides education on straw bale construction and solar design.

Other Links well worth a visit

River of Light Shamanic practioner Katherine Andersen, specializing in Soul Retrieval. A way to live life completely and embark on your heroic journey. Web site designed by Arm of the Spiral Enterprises Unlimited.

Katherine Andersen, D.O.M Over 25 years' experience in holistic pain relief and management.