Before & After
The upper and lower cabinet carcasses have been installed. Cory built the range hood and we put on metal lathe and plastered it with gypsum plaster, as we did with the sheetrock behind it.   The kitchen is an excellent workplace and a source of unique beauty. Wormy maple drawer and door faces are both elegant and primitive. We shaped our own cabinet pulls from 3/8 inch copper tubing, then flame burnished them and dipped them in lacquer. On the range hood, David repeated in natural slate tile the hand-carved sunbursts found throughout the house on the woodwork. We poured concrete counter tops, simply making forms right on top of the cabinets, installing steel reinforcement, pigmenting the mix and pouring the concrete just like we would a sidewalk. A nice finishing touch was to impress leaves from various trees in the neighborhood into the freshly poured concrete.

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