Before & After
I told visitors during this construction phase that the beer cans were donated by many people over a long period of time. Cory and Don laid them up four courses at a time (the wall would begin to slump if you tried five). Then I used a bottle cutter to cut wine and sparkling water bottles in half. At first, I meticulously glued the bottoms together with epoxy, but soon realized that duct tape would do fine and would be invisible. The juniper ends were installed to give the impression of vigas. In the middle photo, you can see a vertical 2x2. That's the center of the circular wall -- we stretched a measurement string from the 2x2 to build a consistent semi-circle. Kathy found the doors at the Santa Fe Flea Market. They are east Indian and very old, a crowning touch to our dining room. Again, our base coat was fibered gypsum plaster. Through the doorway, you can see one of many petroglyph replicas my brother, Ron, created for the house. They were mounted and plastered right into the wall.  

Above, our completed dining room. Kathy found the light fixture before we even excavated for footings on the house. The dining room was literally designed around the fixture. Upper left, you can see what I call a picture strip that was attached to the bond beam form atop the straw bales. The hand-carved strip runs throughout the house so that we can hang art without putting holes in the plaster.






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